Arduino workshop location for July 2014

Arduino workshop location for July 2014


Doug Allan has generously agreed to host the Arduino Workshop while he gets his space┬áset up for mauicoworking. ┬áThe workshop will be Friday from 6-9 PM at 355 Hukilike St. #117 in Kahului. Look for “Island Sign”.

One thought on “Arduinos and Electronics

  1. Laura Ulibarri says:

    The space has Wifi, #Arduinos and parts supplied by me and #mauimakers.

    Bring laptops, tablets and smartphones.

    –explore programming the Arduino using a windows/android tablet or cell phone (sorry apple folks)
    –group projects: set up “arduino” controlled 3d printer for workshop use, LEDs, your favorite from the Brainstorming session.

    See the 27-June Arduino Workshop Post for ideas from the Brainstorming session.

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