Next Arduino Workshop 20-June

June 17, 2014 in Arduino, Electronics by admin

Another successful workshop last Friday. Master builders after only a few classes! Awesome.

Pictures will follow soon (my computer has issues).

Most of the Maui Makers parts are now in, so we have a pretty good kit of components in the Box of Toys that is available for group builds. I want to take some of these and build them into permanent displays that we can use to show off the awesome creativeness that is Maui Makers.

Dee brought her Arduino-based purse that can sense the color of your outfit and change it to match. We welcomed Chelsea who donated some muscle wires to the Maui Makers Box of Toys. Chelsea is an artist who has built amazing creatures using 3d-printing and Arduinos. These are not your standard robots, they are wonderfully creative and cool. I’m looking forward to having artists in the group who can help with design and aesthetics.

Bob brought his remote controlled electric socket.

Lindsey and Brian teamed up to prototype and LED lamp controlled by a smartphone. Interestingly enough, the motor control code we learned about a few weeks ago, ended up being the basis for this project.There was much cheering when the light turned on. Once the documentation is complete, it will be posted as our group’s very first Instructable!

Blayne got the 8×8 LED assembled and working as a scrolling text display.

Brian (the other one) got the GPS unit talking to the Arduino. Still a few more steps to build the integrated unit, but it’s coming along nicely.

Jerry and Lorayne brought the Shapeoko CNC machine.

On tap for this week’s session:
We’ll learn about relays. I’m still gathering the material, but it will be posted to Arduino Workshop later this week. We’ll also extend the capabilities of the smartphone-controlled lamp in the hands on portion.