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May 23, 2014 Arduino Workshop

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Pics from Friday’s workshop. Awesome Turnout. 


James showed off the sun tracker he made during #swmaui using skills from the first couple of workshops.


The high school students prepped for their big LED build by learning to solder. One of them made a snail from scrap parts.


Newcomer Bob, aka Arduino Master, showed us his smart house and his wife, Dee, showed us her wearable brooch.


We completed the PWM exercise, and welcomed 2 new students–one of them had his text to speech module saying “Welcome to #mauimakers” after a quick tutorial.


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Learning to host a website

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So trying to set up a the website I envision.  A friend encourages me and tells me, “It’s easy.” Just download a Word Press template and go…

Yeah, right. I spent the first day getting Word Press and the website so confused that I couldn’t actually find its domain name, and I totally killed Word Press.

Now, if I can only figure out how to get my photo to display.

It might help if I weren’t spending most of my time trying to get the Arduino Workshop off the ground.

Off topic:  Check out an awesome classical guitarist at


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My Arduino Workshops

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Check out the Arduino Workshops I’m leading.

Arduino workshop location for July 2014

Arduino workshop location for July 2014

355 Hukilike Street #117

With space provided by Doug Allan’s start up; materials provided Maui Makers and me.

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Pulse Width Modulation

May 14, 2014 in Arduino, Electronics, Pulse Width Modulation by admin

I am going to start exploring Pulse Width Modulation (aka, PWM) and create a set of documents that is easily accessible.

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Building a culture of innovation in Maui

May 11, 2014 in Welcome by admin

Stay tuned…more to come