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27-June Arduino Workshop at Cafe Carmen’s

July 4, 2014 in Arduino, Electronics by admin

A big Mahalo to Lynn for letting us take over the space on Friday night.

Thanks to the regulars for making the trip to Kihei on short notice, and great to see some new faces.

The meeting started off with show and tell and some digging through the box of toys. Lots of nice items in there. I will post an inventory soon.

No meeting this week, due to 4th of July. Next meeting is Friday, July 11 from 6-9 PM. Location is TBD.

We got the creative juices flowing by watching a video of work by artist “CJ” Huang. You can find him at

Brainstorming came up with some awesome ideas, including one that some of us will be playing with Thurs night (July 3) at #mauimakers pu’unene space with the #dremels.

Brainstorming Results:

(Top tier got the most votes and so forth down to 4th tier)

Top tier

  1. Set up high-level programming of Arduino (Simulink targets Arduino)
  2. Motion-activated, solar talking tiki for garden with flashing eyes
  3. Color 3d “printer”. Print regular ink on a bunch of thin acrylic sheets like slices of an object. Put the sheets together into a slab to form the final object
  4. Automated gardening (sensors and controls)
  5. Display product remotely by cell phone wifi and/or bluetooth: control lights, and other sensors, such as temperature, etc. Integrate a QR code?
  6. Integrate a motion sensor into a Neopixel display to conserve battery
  7. A biosphere controlled by Arduino and cellphone, displayed at Mall

2nd tier

  1. Implement a waterproof pulse meter and accelerometer to make a fitness sensor for swimmers
  2. Rebuild (midi sound) controlled propane flares
  3. Camera system that takes multiple pictures and generates 3D models. Models can be used to print in 3D
  4. Display made from multiple LEDs and Fadecandy controller. Hook up to touchpad and mirror writing on the touchpad onto the LED display (or possibly use with e-ink display)

3rd tier

  1. Rope-climbing robot for exploring hard to reach places
  2. Make simple color LED toys or decorations for kids (1-4 years old)
  3. Light up dance shoes. Pattern depends on how the wearer steps
  4. Pitch sensitive wearable (T-shirt, tie, etc.). Variation: Sound-controlled LED display with spectrum display
  5. Meshnet of weather stations
  6. 3D printed and natural object wall art backlit with LED. Reacts to light and sound
  7. CNC controller
  8. More art and Arduino together—wearables and/or backpack

4th tier

  1. Turn signal jacket and RF control buttons
  2. Leveled up “annoyer” with alerts which range from: strength of pager, strength of sound of alert, brightness of alert
  3. Cat door with proximity sensor to let in only “your” cat
  4. RF (zigbee) mesh network of sensors for security system
  5. Camera/robot/etc. that can be controlled remotely by multiple people
  6. Daylight running lights for bicycles
  7. Arduino-controlled potato cannon, where the Arduino can automatically adjust the velocity, distance, etc. Could use 3d printer to print parts?
  8. Choose your own adventure game to exercise creative writing with learning Arduino
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Next Arduino Workshop 20-June

June 17, 2014 in Arduino, Electronics by admin

Another successful workshop last Friday. Master builders after only a few classes! Awesome.

Pictures will follow soon (my computer has issues).

Most of the Maui Makers parts are now in, so we have a pretty good kit of components in the Box of Toys that is available for group builds. I want to take some of these and build them into permanent displays that we can use to show off the awesome creativeness that is Maui Makers.

Dee brought her Arduino-based purse that can sense the color of your outfit and change it to match. We welcomed Chelsea who donated some muscle wires to the Maui Makers Box of Toys. Chelsea is an artist who has built amazing creatures using 3d-printing and Arduinos. These are not your standard robots, they are wonderfully creative and cool. I’m looking forward to having artists in the group who can help with design and aesthetics.

Bob brought his remote controlled electric socket.

Lindsey and Brian teamed up to prototype and LED lamp controlled by a smartphone. Interestingly enough, the motor control code we learned about a few weeks ago, ended up being the basis for this project.There was much cheering when the light turned on. Once the documentation is complete, it will be posted as our group’s very first Instructable!

Blayne got the 8×8 LED assembled and working as a scrolling text display.

Brian (the other one) got the GPS unit talking to the Arduino. Still a few more steps to build the integrated unit, but it’s coming along nicely.

Jerry and Lorayne brought the Shapeoko CNC machine.

On tap for this week’s session:
We’ll learn about relays. I’m still gathering the material, but it will be posted to Arduino Workshop later this week. We’ll also extend the capabilities of the smartphone-controlled lamp in the hands on portion.


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On tap for 13-Jun-2014 Arduino Workshop

June 8, 2014 in Arduino, Electronics by admin

This workshop will be completely hands on, in small groups.

If you have a specific project you want to build, bring it, even if it’s just an idea.

Other builds will include:

  • Voice activated lights using an Android phone.
  • Arduino for Appliance Control: Monitoring humidity and temperature and controlling a switch. Based loosely on this Instructable, starting at Step 6.
  • Brian wants to work on a GPS display and Jerry wants to get his UDoo Quad controlling the Shapeoko, or his Pinoccio wireless microcontroller working.

If you want info on any of these projects or what parts Maui Makers has available, email me at

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My Arduino Workshops

May 20, 2014 in Arduino, Electronics by admin

Check out the Arduino Workshops I’m leading.

Arduino workshop location for July 2014

Arduino workshop location for July 2014

355 Hukilike Street #117

With space provided by Doug Allan’s start up; materials provided Maui Makers and me.

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Pulse Width Modulation

May 14, 2014 in Arduino, Electronics, Pulse Width Modulation by admin

I am going to start exploring Pulse Width Modulation (aka, PWM) and create a set of documents that is easily accessible.