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Arduino Workshop 11-July-2014

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Arduino workshop location for July 2014

Arduino workshop location for July 2014


Doug Allan has generously agreed to host the Arduino Workshop while he gets his space set up for mauicoworking.  The workshop will be Friday from 6-9 PM at 355 Hukilike St. #117 in Kahului. Look for “Island Sign”.

The space has Wifi, #Arduinos and parts supplied by me and #mauimakers.

Bring laptops, tablets and smartphones.

–explore programming the Arduino using a windows/android tablet or cell phone (sorry apple folks)
–group projects: set up “arduino” controlled 3d printer for workshop use, LEDs, your favorite from the Brainstorming session.

See the 27-June Arduino Workshop Post for ideas from the Brainstorming session.

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May 23, 2014 Arduino Workshop

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Pics from Friday’s workshop. Awesome Turnout. 


James showed off the sun tracker he made during #swmaui using skills from the first couple of workshops.


The high school students prepped for their big LED build by learning to solder. One of them made a snail from scrap parts.


Newcomer Bob, aka Arduino Master, showed us his smart house and his wife, Dee, showed us her wearable brooch.


We completed the PWM exercise, and welcomed 2 new students–one of them had his text to speech module saying “Welcome to #mauimakers” after a quick tutorial.